Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Want My Own Internet Business, But How Do I Get Started?

One of the greatest advantages of starting an Internet
is that you can start it with little to no money,
have your business up and running within a matter of
hours, and start producing profits immediately, if you know
what you're doing.

But a major obstacle confronting most people who desire
to operate an Internet business is not knowing what to do
to get started. Starting and operating a successful
Internet business requires that you:

1) Have a basic understanding of how the Internet

2) Possess a basic knowledge of such technical skills
as html, ftp, creating download links, etc. which are
needed for your work with web pages.

3) Understand the role of search engines, the use of
keywords, and the importance of content in regards
to the search engines and the success of your
Internet business.

4) Know how to communicate effectively through e-mail

5) Set-up and use autoresponders.

6) Understand how visitors find your website.

7) Find the right product or service to market.

8) Know how to find people to market your products
and services to.

This can seem to be a daunting task for most people who
know little to nothing about the Internet, much less how to
start an Internet business. One of the most difficult things
for beginners to understand is how to get a business on
the Internet.

Having little to no knowledge about html, web design, ftp
or uploading files to a server, autoresponders, creating
links, etc. can be very frustrating, especially if you have
little money to hire a website designer, or you already
have a great business idea, but you'd like to get started
making money as soon as possible.

Lacking these essential basic skills can be a major
hindrance to starting your business on the Internet. Yet,
you need to have a basic understanding of these things,
and how they fit into an Internet business if you are going
to succeed online.

Learning these skills by going through the billions of
pages in the search engines will prolong you getting your
Internet business up and running. So, it is best to learn
while you earn.

If you want to start an Internet business, and don't already
have a business concept, you can get started quickly by
marketing affiliate products. To get started, just go to
websites such as,,
or Join an affiliate program, and start marketing a

But marketing a product to the point where you make
good money on the Internet will require that you learn as
much as you can about marketing and generating traffic to
your website. This is a continual learning process that will
never end. Whether you market your own product or someone else's,
your level of success in marketing it to others will
determine the longevity and success of your Internet

Starting your own Internet business is one the
most exciting things you can do. But it will require a lot of
work and effort on your part to be successful.

To receive more information about starting a successful
business online, read "The Newbie's Guide To Making
Money Online." You can download it here: The Newbie's Guide.

Diamonique Fortune is the Marketing and Communications Director for the Success Learning Institute. She has also been a successful Internet Marketer and home business owner for more than ten years. Ms. Fortune is the author of several ebooks and reports, and the owner of Fortune Capital Publishing Co., LLC, and Fortune Capital Investments, LLC.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Internet Business How Free Online Marketing Increased Sales

Over the years I have worked multiple Internet Business. The first time around, I was so excited with My Internet Business. I had been promised big money so I knew this was going to work. Looking back I was pretty naive. I thought just owning an online opportunity would generate an income. Boy was I wrong. What finally brought me from failure to success? It boils down to what I learned about online marketing strategies.

The years of buying leads, paying high dollar marketing companies, and cold calling was quite simply horrible. Leads were expensive, and amounted to nothing. The high dollar marketing companies were about the same. If there are people who enjoy cold calling, my hat goes off to you...I think you are amazing. Because I hated it with a passion. So what online marketing strategies originated success My Internet Business. Believe it or not they were free marketing techniques. That's right some of the tips below ended up making me thousands, while I used to pay thousands to just about break even.

Was it shocking yes. When the formula had finally been exposed I was amazed at what a happened to My Internet Business Sales conversions. I was dominating the search engines, and had the most viral marketing solutions not he Internet.

You hear the cliché' it takes money to make money. Maybe with some, however My Internet Business success stems 76% from free online marketing strategies. Resources that any home business can start to implement as soon as today.

So why do you think that these free marketing strategies work? Let me use my Mentors 4 U SEO Trainings for an example, when you implement steps to getting your website ranked high within the search engines this doesn't end with a list of dried up leads, nor does it end within thirty days of a campaign concluding. It remains on the Internet for not just months but for years.

In one of My Internet Business, that I started several years ago, I still have traffic coming to that website. Even though I no longer promote that and concentrate on My Internet Business and Passport To Wealth it still brings me qualified hot buyers to my current opportunity.

So before you go out an pay high dollar for leads,(UGGG), or marketing companies, consider free online marketing strategies. It will not only pay you for today but long into the future.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Internet Business Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

My Internet Business Increases - The Forecast shows no signs of Slowing

The Internet Business shows no signs of slowing down according to Research and Marketing's Predictions. The Internet is offering a more universal way for entrepreneurs and e-commerce to earn money online. It is suggested the increase comes from economy decline, and people looking for a way to supplement their income.

Revenue immerges from the services being made available from the Internet. The Internet Phenomenon is rapidly growing globally. The categories popular are travel, gambling, adult content, music and help services, and Internet Business opportunity.

The Internet is bringing more resources to the table. We are looking at 2010 the estimated $2 billion will be spent on social network advertising in the US alone. Social Media has brought a new advertising and connecting to prospect customers, and like minded individuals.

Video media has recently become one of the newest and hottest marketing tools on the Internet. Giving entrepreneurs and business owners a dynamic way to interact with customers and prospects.

The market shows no signs of slowing down as more social media, and web video based services are being made available to Internet Business owners. The key is to understand this dynamic growth ad to capitalize on it.

It is forecasted that the Internet advertising market will continue to grow at a strong pace for the next 2 years (2007 and 2008) and maintain a steady momentum thereafter to 2011.

The Internet has been around but we are seeing a consistent growth and understanding to what home business can bring with the use of the Internet. What was once misunderstood career Internet Business are becoming a popular career choice. The Internet has expanded and allowed users to advertise and market effectively. The key to success with an Internet Business is to understand how the market works and how to effectively market an online business. There are so many resources available to business owners that cut advertising cost, and give a viable solutions to advertising their home business opportunity.
Many are scouring the Internet connecting with the latest money making opportunity, or releasing products or services to profit from. The Internet is becoming not just a information resource but a profit pulling resource as well. With My Internet Business I have seen the effects of how the Internet can offer an opportunity to earn money online.

Author: Megan Vaillancourt Founder and Creator Of Mentors 4 U A Mentoring Team That Teaches Passport To Wealth and
is a link to a page on
this Web site.

how to build a successful online business using resources and tools on the Internet.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Don't Let Negative Marketers Stop You From Earning Money Online

Negative Behavior Is Not Something You Should Follow Or Allow TO Stop You!
The Internet is filled with competition. Sometimes the more money you make online the more slander you deal with as you become in the public eye. Why? The competition is fiercely trying to compete with your customers. Even slandarizing and giving negative statements about the other in order to get that sale. While I agree competition is something that business have had to deal with since the beginning of time. I also believe when you set out to Earn Money Online, there is a line that shouldn't be crossed it goes with ethics and standards.

We all came to the big .com world to have a successful business and to become entrepreneurs. Being A stay at home mom has allowed me many benefits. I am home when my kids get off the bus, financial independence, and time freedom. However, even though I kicked of my high heels and replaced them with my fuzzy slippers. I still deal with personal struggles with my business. No I don't have gossiping employees but I have found there is another type of gossip that can be far more malicious then what I found in the board room.
The more money online I a make the competition is out there trying to put me down in order to gain the sale. Lies and slanderism is something you can't control on a one on one basis. And while competition is always good for a business, and understanding that it happens the more successful you become it does not make it easy when the lies service on the table.
However with negative marketers practicing these methods, I have found there are some ways to beat this type of behavior. No its not with practicing the same line. Its called taking the higher road. You see in business and in life staying with your won ethics and believing in what your doing will give you the financial freedom to have laws of attraction bringing positive reinforcements to your side rather then negatives.
Here is a list I compiled to remind myself how to handle the negatives.
1.) Deliver on your Promises to your customer. Keeping your current clientele satisfied goes along way to how your business will run in the future
2.) While you may have unethical lies being said, don't retaliate with bitter anger. I believe pulling out the negativity card only gets your mind frame down and your customers.
3.) Remember why you have made it to the point that you are getting this reconization. If you weren't doing well then no one would care about you. Competitors only bring you down once you have made something of yourself. How did you get where you are now. Focus on that.
4.) Understand where the negative marketers may be coming from - I have actually felt sorry for these people. If they are not busy enough that they can spend time slamming others then they are not doing as well as they hoped. Trust me if they are slamming you, they are slamming others to. Don't take it personal its just how some work
5.) List your strengths, more then customers have a problem with this, it can be hurtful to you. Remind yourself what your strengths are in order to not focus on the negative minded.
6.)If a potential buyer comes and heard from your competitor - Don't go into a tangent, or make things up. Stay on the ethical high road. Explain you situation. Even compliment the other person, and why he/she is saying these things. Hey if you lose that person because you don't slam Mr. or Mrs. Unethical, then those are not the type of people you want to partner with anyway.
7.) Sometimes negative advertising is as good as positive advertising. Recognize that controversy is loved by the public. Just take it as it is ..exposure. You know the truth one person can not ruin your business. Just look at this from a different angle
8.) Understand that every negativity needs proof - Okay words don't mean alot. People need proof to hold much substance. Don't fret customers as well as business people get how competition works. They will understand that this person is using this to draw them to their side.
9) Provide your own proof - Provide solid proof of what you are doing in your business.
10) Why are you the best. Goes back to mindset, do not let someone else bring you down. Get your mindset out to discover why you are the best and go with it. Competition is a part of business understand that. However keeping your mindset positive while others try to break you down is the key to overcome the lies.
This is formulated with the idea that you are practicing ethical business practices. As long as you know and your customers understand that then you can move forward. When you work online the one most important thing to remembers is you are working for yourself and to obtain customer satisfaction. What anyone else's negativity is will actually be the end of them in the future.
Megan Vaillancourt Is the Leader and Founder of Mentors 4 U. She has created a team support for Passport To Wealth and
With the new lauch of My Internet Business members are coming to get there free positions locked in with the fastest growing team on the Internet.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Passport To Wealth | Passport To Weath Mentoring

Passport To Wealth is one of the many businesses that gives you a strong foundation to earn money online. I may own Passport To Wealth and favor it, however there are a lot of good strong businesses out there on the Internet. But the key to succeeding is not just about the business that you partner with but more importantly what mentoring team you are going to work with.

Yes, I have had tremendous success with Passport To Wealth. Does the automated movie presentation, high demand products, and the Australian 2 up compensation plan have a lot to do with that? Sure… but it is more about how I am marketing and who I am marketing too.

Passport To Wealth was not my first business to earn money online with. In fact I have been doing this for some time. But the key to me being successful is all about marketing. That’s why mentoring and training becomes so fundamental when building Passport to Wealth or any online business.

If you don’t’ have any idea how to market or what marketing works Passport To Wealth and any other business will be a struggle unless you have people showing and training you how to build it. That’s where Mentors 4 U was born

Mentors 4 U offers SEO Training Classes, free marketing resources, free websites, weekly marketing trainings, a back office with exact marketing strategies and secrets. and more importantly one on one mentorship. In today’s market place mentors seem to think it is enough to hand someone a manual or give them a back office and success is right around the corner. While yes you can earn money online with a manual and back office it appears to take longer rather than picking up the phone and having a specialist to talk to. That’s the missing key in today’s market place.

Mentors 4 U and Passport To Wealth Marketing is no different than any other marketing I have done. Once you learn how to effectively market you can build any online business not just Passport to Wealth,.

So entrepreneurs that are on a path to a Passport to Wealth consider who you are partnering with. Yes, I believe Mentors 4 U has the strongest support and training system on the Internet. However, if Passport To Wealth is not for you then there are other great business and great mentors and mentoring teams. Find them if you want success it can be the most profitable business decision you will ever make.

Thursday, February 28, 2008 | My Internet Business The biggest online opportunity since Google

Yes you heard me right. Business analogy reports are equating to be the biggest online opportunity to hit the Internet in the last 10 years. Entrepreneurs have been joining Passport To Wealth to get the free position into My Internet Business. The biggest question right now is how long will the biggest online promotion ever seen going to last? The news just hit the media today, as Passport To Wealth members phones are ringing off the hook to get their free position into the ground floor opportunity of

On March 8, 2008 the doors will close. Never again will we see this be available. Although the commission base is secretive and privileged information I assure you that paying for the entire amount after March 8 will have entrepreneurs kicking themselves for not joining sooner.
Darren Gaudry has remained secretive over the past months, locking himself away to create the business of 10 years. If the extraordinary success of Passport To Wealth is any indication as to what the next few months will bring, an empire is about to be created.

I don’t believe this is hype. I am truly excited about what this opportunity is going to accomplish for myself and down line. The key here is to position yourself in with the right training and mentoring because the never before seen compensation, is truly designed to be a team effort... Bringing the direct sales industry to a true residual income.

In order to earn money online Mentors 4 U has been offering cutting edge mentoring and trainings. We are the first team to bring SEO training classes for free to all of our members. Mentors 4 U is the only team guaranteed to offer free online marketing techniques that work. People are earning money online with these techniques. Entrepreneurs are flooding trying to figure out how they are cashing in on these free methods.So as we watch and anticipate this launch we are eager to see the full plan of, however once it hits the Internet even if you are not a member. The Internet community will be watching to see if the business analogy reports are on target or not. Are we on the ground floor opportunity of a corporation like Google? I believe so ….but only time will tell us for sure

Tuesday, February 26, 2008 What We Do Know

If you haven’t heard of the upcoming you have not been following the latest online business craze. Entreprenuers and Business specialist are anticipating the most highly advanced business model ever to hit the Internet. Passport To Wealth CEO Darren Gaudry has been working long hours releasing the “My Internet Business” otherwise going to be known as MIB.

The Secret business model was announced at the end of 2007. Darren Gaudry and his business management team have working diligently to bring this new model in a timely manner. Although entrepreneurs and media are eager to get the inside scoop, mum continues to be the word.Darren and his management team are not relenting to pressure.
Even without the proper background ground floor Internet Business builders are flooding to join this opportunity. Because of the management teams past experience, the experience understand the power this will bring to the Internet.

We asked one of the top Mentors of Passport To Wealth Stephanie Sammour, why she is so excited about My Internet Business. “Darren Gaudry has proved from previous endeavors to be a man strong entrepreneurial skills, every business he has worked with grew to extraordinary amounts. Being an active member of Passport To Wealth I have seen firsthand how he runs a business, and his leadership goals. Very seldom in all my years of marketing have I ever seen a CEO that truly wants there members to have success. What I know is this business is geared to be all about that. Allowing everyday people to plug into an Internet Business and earn money online. He gave me the avenue for financial freedom once; I expect this to be even more extraordinary.”

As the business community waits, we understand that this business will have a powerful direct sales commission, and also a residual income. The exact cost of My Internet Business is not known, however it is expecting to exceed the 1000.00 margin giving much more earning potential. In addition, members will receive a monthly residual income.

However, only the management team knows the exact structure of My Internet Business. As we all wait in participation as the release is expecting to exceed any expectations, or predictions being made.